A language course via skype is a suitable packet of modern and professional lessons with a lector live.

Don't you have time for participating in stationary language classes or commuting to a language school?
Do you want to have your foreign language lessons at a time and a place of your choosing?
Check the offer of our online courses!

INDIVIDUAL COURSE Premium a monthly Packet includes:

MOTI- Notes - unlimited access to the vocabulary and expressions prepared by a teacher, which can be most effectively used during a lesson. Due to the mentioned vocabulary and expressions you can prepare yourself to the lesson beforehand. Moreover, you can practise personified vocabulary from your curriculum. Instead of just translating the words, you can use them in practise. Recommended to students, who are interested in expanding their speaking skills. MOTI-Notes is also available in the form of flashcards.

MP3 recordings of the lessons-- a tool helping in the efficient learning of pronunciation which corresponds with the vocabulary introduced during the lesson. It can be used on your smartphone or a tablet.

Unlimited access to the virtual board- which is an application, where all the materials presented during the lessons are available. It can be edited to take notes, draw or do homework and all the modifications are automatically seen by the lector. All the materials are also available after the lesson and they can be re-used anytime it is necessary. Every student is provided with their own board.

You can choose from: English, French, German, Polish, Russian.

One to One classes with a chosen teacher.

Flexible hours- a possibility to schedule the date of the next lesson after each lesson.

Individual curriculum.

Personified online materials available on the virtual board.

Lector’s guidance- a possibility of additional email consultations.

Supervision of the methodologist, who watches over your progres.

A possibility to postpone/ cancel the lessons three times a month.

A free 30-minute trial lesson and a placement test.

Up-to-date price list: 95 PLN/ 23 Euro/ 20,5 GBP/27 USD